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Just With Us !

The Mask

The most talked about game show of the year!!

Your instructors will turn into a huge hamburger, pizza, cola, and chips, which they will take to the stage.

They will surprise us with a unique singing show where with their amazing voices we will get so confused trying to figure out who the singer is behind this huge and outstanding costume???


Our presenter - a SuperStar will lead the competition and you the judges will have to guess who the singer behind the mask is?!?!


An amazing and invested program with huge costumes, fast-paced music and one great presenter!!!


Grab your seat for the hottest show of the summer.


“My daughter has never been this happy during her summer holiday as she was this year after spending some great and fun time at your camp!

i appreciate what you do for the kids and for their parents who can participate!

Rivka baruh

60-75 Min
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