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Should the birthday boy or star of the evening wish to dance with the rabbi doll, he will have the time of his life. All of the friends can hold hands and dance with the two of them in a wide circle. To the left! To the right! Turn around! Hop!Our team possesses in-depth expertise in entertaining at events such as birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, sweet-sixteens, and every other joyous occasion. We provide the perfect vibe specifically tailored to your audience. Our beats are sure to entertain all

Just With Us !

Dancing Rabbi

At seven feet tall, our Chasid Doll is a superbly skilled dancer. His unique dance moves will blow your guests' minds and will encourage them to join in the fun. Feel free to take a group photo with the night's star entertainer!

With his head-to-toe Hasidic garb, this rabbi is the coolest.

Crowds go wild when he walks into the room. And then when he starts shaking it…they lose control. In an instant, every person will out of his chair, tearing the house down with his dance moves. This rabbi is no typical rabbi, let me tell you. He’s got the MOVES! A little jiggle here and a head bobble there – a talented dancer

His getup is off the chains. In a gold-studded robe, greying beard, and fuzzy black Hasidic hat, this guy can dance for hours on end. Turn on any genre of music and he starts boogieing. Kids go crazy when they see this larger-than-life dancer. They squeal with delight and are busy dancing for hours. What a great role model! The rabbi is a wonderful addition to your event – be it for children, adults, or even a “hachnasat sefer torah,” a celebration for a new Torah in your synagogue. This Jewish doll is sure to entertain all audiences

45 Min
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