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  • How to prepare to participate in Zoom?
    Sit comfortably by your computer and smile. You are on your way to having fun Make sure that all computers are connected with a network cable, in order to ensure a high-quality broadcast. Follow the list of equipment that we will publish for each lesson. For each activity, we will send you a list of the materials that you need to prepare. Don't worry, all the materials you will find in your house! Now you are ready to Zoom, the rest we've already done!
  • I don't know how to run Zoom. What should I do?
    Press the link for the Zoom manual:
  • What is the maximum number of participants in Zoom?
    Zoom is limited to 300 participants, but we recommend a group of 20 participants. From our experience, this provides a real and personal learning experience. We've had groups of 100 participants, but it is more difficult for us to give personal attention to everyone, the way that we love.
  • How do I know which activity is recommended and suitable for us?
    Honestly, all of our activities are excellent. We have top instructors and artists who have been doing their magic for many years, so no matter what you choose - we are sure you will enjoy. From our experience, there are two important things that you should adjust to Zoom: The age of the participants. The Zoom participants should be at about the same ages, so that there are no gaps that are too large to affect the pace of the activity. We do not limit the age of the participants, but it is important to remember that younger children will require more parental involvement. What type of experience are you interested to attain? Do you want an energetic and happy morning? Go for a Zumba or a drum workshop! Want to make something sweet to sit on? Go for chocolate! Need some quiet from the kids and leisure for yourself? Go for the magician / scientist! One of the kids has a birthday? Go for the balloons!
  • Do the parents take an active part in Zoom or do the children conduct themselves independently?
    Most of our activities allow for the independent conduct of the children without any parental intervention, but if the children are young, more parental involvement will be required.
  • Who creates the Zoom call?
    We usually connect to a school Zoom call, but if necessary, we can also provide service through our Zoom. In any case, the management of the Zoom call will be with us, so that we can conduct the lesson. Therefore, if the customer's Zoom is used, the customer must define us as the call leader.
  • If the Zoom disconnects, what do you do?"
    We will send you our backup video in advance, showing the filmed content of the workshop. This is in order to keep the viewers "awake" while we reconnect.
  • How do you respond to a large group of viewers?
    Good question! From a few months of Zoom experience, we were able to produce answers that do not require a voicemail, all with the help of emojis, so that everything runs smoothly and with relatively quick responses. We are already waiting for you to start !
  • What is the age group of each activity?
    Most of our activities are suitable for all ages. We change the level of the workshop according to the age of the viewer. If it is a large group with different ages, we offer a combined show / workshop that gives everyone an hour of fun with interaction and experiential teaching.
  • What is the recommended number of courses for real fun?
    We always recommend taking at least one fun hour a week! Of course, this is not always possible, and it depends on your budget. We have tried very hard to prepare activities at convenient costs, so that you can enjoy a large variety of quality and experienced content for children and students. Under the circumstances, we must make as much fun as possible!
  • For school and organization principals, it is important to know:"
    Is it important for you to have a personal connection and acquaintance with the child? Or do you prefer that we use the time for the benefit of the other participants? Tell us what you prefer, so we can adjust ourselves to your Zoom. Camera Procedure - Tell us if you have an obligation on the part of the participants to open the cameras or not, this will help us adjust the Zoom to them. It is important to have a contact person's phone available during the show, who can be contacted on WhatsApp for urgent cases.
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