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Origami course for children on Zoom

Look around you to see how many things in the world which are made out of origami...Both in the manufactured world and with nature, in the industry and everywhere. Origami is a way to create a 3D object from a 2D sheet, using minimal means that we all have at home. In the course we will learn the principles of origami, fold one piece and of course give you the secret tips for success In origami. At the end of the course you will  have enjoyed with an hour of pleasure, satisfaction, creativity and you will also be surprised to find that your mathematical abilities will be improved by the origami.

What will you get?

  • Secret methods and techniques for origami success, even after the course ends

  • You can start folding a variety of spectacular models for your home

  • At the end of the workshop each child comes out with an origami model that they folded alone and can be proud of.

Limited time offer:
One workshop - $ 25
3 workshops - $ 70
5 Workshops - $ 98



40-60 minutes




Ages 5 and under accompanied by a parent



We will update before the workshop

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