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A feast in the capital Shushan

מסיבת פורים

כזו עוד לא הייתה!

A feast in the capital Shushan


You are welcome to join us for an experiential and fun Purim journey in the kingdom of Persia...

Come meet Ahasuerus' magician, stop Bigthan and Teresh before they kill the Head, find the evil Haman hiding in the kingdom, and find out who the beloved teacher in the mask is...

Also a really fun costume contest, and together we will be happy in sing and dance with a DJ for the whole class And of course rejoice and be glad with Shushan the capital.

Because at our party the whole school will join us for the story of the scroll!

Cute American tv host during election da

A charismatic and powerful facilitator, who will lead the whole school “live” with true Purim joy and lots of rhythm, will accompany the entire party!


Costume Contest


Masked Teacher

Can you tell who it is?!


"And the city of Shushan rejoiced"

Lively Purim Zumba!


Place Treasure Hunt

The game that look over persia


magic and illusion - Tomer Duday

A spectacular show by

Got Talent Winner



Bigtan & Teresh's plot

We, the ZoomFun team, are waiting for you from our control room - facilitator, monitoring supervisor, production manager, production assistants and more, with the most advanced technology, to make sure that the entire well invested program runs successfully and smoothly so that your school has the happiest Purim party ever!

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes



60-75 Minutes


Number of participants:

The whole school

The program is full in content and multimedia clips that will allow us to walk around the King's Palace and go back to the Ahasuerus era!

  • The program is suitable for elementary schools, grades 1-6

  • Restriction of participants: the whole school can attend

  • Program length: 60-75 minutes

After signing the contract, a detailed questionnaire will be sent to you in which you will give us the opportunity to get to know you well enough so that at our celebration we will be more than ready for you 🥳

The Small Print

It is important for us to get to know you really well

It is important for us to get to know you really well

The Small Print

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